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Is Your Smile Due For A Spring Cleaning?

Spring is in the air! It may be a while yet before you can leave your coats and jackets at home, but it is not too far away! Soon we will be able to enjoy more sunshine, longer days, and warmer temperatures. This brings up the subject of spring cleaning! When it comes to our homes, no one needs to convince us to keep them clean, do routine maintenance, or address the smaller issues before they become more prevalent. So, why should it be any different when it comes to our teeth? Not only do we need to keep them clean, but routine hygiene appointments can keep those unwanted dental issues at bay with early detection.

The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dental hygienist about six months apart for X-rays (if needed), cleanings, and a review of your dental history. You should add an extra visit or two each year if you have had past problems with dental decay or gum disease.

In addition to the in-office care your team at Winyah Dental can provide, here are some spring tips for a healthy mouth:

Go shopping and replace your worn or old toothbrush!

You should get in the habit of changing your toothbrush every three months. As the bristles of the toothbrush wear, the ability to reach small crevices decreases. If you've had a cold during that 3-month period, keep in mind viral and bacterial infectious agents can adhere to the bristles, with the potential to reinfect you, so make sure to get rid of your toothbrush after every flu or cold.

Is your mouthwash expired?

Yes, most mouthwash has an expiration date. Using mouthwash past this date can affect not only its taste but also its effectiveness, so double-check that yours is still good to go.

Stock up on your floss supply!

It's recommended to use 18 inches of floss per session. Adding up to roughly 45 feet of floss a month with a daily flossing schedule! Avoid running out and stock up!

Schedule an appointment with your favorite Winyah Dental Group dentist.

With cleanings recommended for every six months, regular visits to the dentist should already be a part of your schedule. Call our office to set up an appointment if you've been skimping on these visits or a new problem has popped up. Seeing your dentist regularly is an excellent way to spot – and stop – issues before they become more prominent, pricier, and painful. Spring and fall are perfect times to book cleanings, as these seasons may be the least likely to conflict with potential vacation plans.

We have openings in our schedule as soon as this week- give us a call and schedule your spring cleaning today!

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