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Introducing faster, easier, and more accurate scanning!

Winyah Dental Group has embraced the highly sought-after intraoral scanner ("IOS") because the technology is drastically improved from the previous methodology and enables high precision accurate digital impressions ensuring a perfect fit for any repair or appliance.



Patient Benefits

Time saver - The intraoral scanner prevents the patient from sitting in the dental chair for hours to just get treatment. 
  • Safe - The patient being treated using the IOS is not exposed to harmful radiation.

  • Accurate - Using the IOS enables us to capture the exact shape and contours of your teeth, thus enabling us to give appropriate and accurate treatment.

  • Comfort - Unlike the old molding technique, which was quite messy, forcing patients to sit for about fifteen minutes with a large rubber-like material in the mouth. It often produced a gagging effect for patients leading to great discomfort. Our new IOS technique has proved to be quite comfortable as the patient's teeth are being scanned in a matter of very few minutes of the patient's time.

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