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Can We Smile Our Way to Better Health?

IT’S NOT REALLY true that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. The truth is that when shifting from a frown to a smile, it takes approximately 10 muscles, but only 6 muscles are used in frowning. We think the saying should be “burn more calories with a smile!” And losing calories is only one of the health benefits of smiling.

Smiling Releases Endorphins

Make a commitment to smile more. Smile for no reason, just for fun. Smile in the mirror. Smiling releases dopamine, and because happiness and the physical action of smiling are so tied together in our brains, even a fake smile can release endorphins. ...Thank goodness there’s so much room in our happy brain to make room for a little more happiness!

Smile to Relieve Stress

Endorphins reduce pain and relieve stress in the short term, functioning like painkillers. Over time, the effects compound into health benefits like lowering our risk of getting cancer and becoming more resilient against illnesses. This is because our cells go through fewer stress-induced mutations when we are better at managing stress.

Smile to Live Longer

In a lifetime of smiling, we might actually accrue enough health benefits from the cumulative endorphins to give ourselves longer lives. One thing that makes it easier to smile more is to be confident in our smiles, and that’s where our team of professionals and diligent brushing and flossing come in.

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